Pokemon Japanese Lost Abyss Booster Box

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  • This set features Giratina, in V and VSTAR form and re-introduces the “Lost Zone” mechanic to the TCG
  • This set will contain 100 cards + SR cards or better

1 Booster box includes:

  • 30 packs
    1 booster pack includes 5 cards

This is the third main expansion set of the year in the Sword & Shield TCG, and the fourth Hisui inspired set in the Sword & Shield TCG, and like S9a Battle Region, S10D Time Gazer / S10P Space Juggler & S10a Dark Fantasma will be a tie-in set with the videogame Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Giratina V and STAR will be introduced in this set, as well as Delphox V. A new Supporter card with Colress’s Experiment is also revealed, as well as Trainer cards named Lost City, Lost Sweeper, and Mirage Gate. Comfey, Shuppet, Banette, and Cramorant are regular cards.

Giratina, unlike Dialga and Palkia, does not include the word “Origin” in its name.

In addition, the Lost Zone mechanic has been reintroduced. The artwork and frame of Lost Zone cards, such as Giratina VSTAR, Comfey, and Colress’s Experiment, will have an ominous aura about them.

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